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About JYS Group, Inc.

JYS Group, Inc. is the B.E.S.T. at providing surety and fidelity bonds to meet the needs of contractors and commercial businesses:


We know how a business runs. We have evaluated thousands of businesses for surety credit. We will share that knowledge with you and help you with your business. You can expect us to be direct and focused, which is what you should expect from a leading surety provider.


Our knowledgeable staff will listen to your needs and provide solutions. With over 28 years of experience, we know how to deal with complex issues. We also know what works well and what leads to problems. We will put that experience to work for you.


We write all types of Contract and Commercial surety bonds for standard and specialty accounts. We specialize in small accounts and understand how to manage and develop them. We use conventional and non-conventional approaches to meet your needs.


Working with our surety team, we can help you meet your needs. We want to form a partnership built on trust and a commitment to quality service. Any time of day, we will make ourselves available to handle your business.

Save Time

Dealing with our knowledgeable and experienced staff, you will get prompt, conistent surety solutions.


  • All sizes and types of surety bonds
  • Flexible rates
  • Flexible underwriting
  • Web-based surety bond processing system with direct access for active accounts
  • Licensed sureties in all 50 states

Most Flexible Markets

The contract and commercial surety bond program developed by our staff members has provided the most flexible representation of surety markets available to contractors and commercial accounts.

To Contact JYS Group:

Phone: 630-887-7580

Fax: 630-887-7665

Email: jysgroup@yahoo.com

Address: 531 W. 9th St., Hinsdale, IL, 60521